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Redwey Transport is a reliable and affordable provider of bulk material delivery, transport service, and deicing salt sales. Whether you need rock salt, sand, gravel, limestone, soil, or any other aggregate bulk material, we have the right equipment and expertise to deliver it to your location.   If you do not need material but are in need of hauling service, we are your company.


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Driveway Ohio has been the go to option for refinishing your gravel driveway. We are ready to handle custom driveway resurfacing solutions for commercial and residential clients anywhere you need us in central Ohio. Driveway Ohio is big enough for your largest commercial job and small enough for your home driveway. Our specialty is in resurfacing driveways with limestone, gravel and other materials that provide a beautiful finished product at a fraction of the cost of asphalt and concrete. 

Watch our process HERE


We offer a FREE assessment of your property and driveway.


Driveway Ohio is a member of the Redwey Transport family.


Whether you’re a homeowner preparing for winter, or are responsible for large-scale property management of industrial and commercial facilities, we are fully stocked with deicing salt and ready for the Central Ohio winter weather.


We can deliver small amounts up to truckloads or feel free to call ahead to pick up bags of deicing salt.  Ask about FULL PALLET DISCOUNTS. 


Three decades of experience and expertise in the aggregate industry.
Excellent communication and customer satisfaction. 
Reliable, affordable, and straight forward solutions for your home or business.
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